Top 10 Most Selling Fiction Genres Types

fiction genreAs we are talking about Top 10 Most Selling Fiction Genres, We need to first understand what “genre” is, The genre is a class of literature, music, and art. As an author, genre sets the pace of the things you write and how you write it. Genre describes the setting, the focus and the style of the novel you want to write. When it comes to writing, there are some rules to follow. As a writer, you have to follow the plots, themes, manuscript length, settings and character types. Also, you need to understand that there are different setting styles for a specific genre. Settings vary in details, length, intensity, and type.

Genres also have subcategories, for example, a fantasy story that has frightening elements could also pass as dark fantasy subcategory.

Why the need to talk about genres?

Genres are important as they fulfill the expectations of the reader. Have you asked yourself why you buy different novels of the same genre? That’s because you enjoyed similar stories of the same genre. And when you read these novels, you feel a sense of belonging. Also, there is a spirit of familiarity and closeness between readers who fancy the same genres.

In light of this, writers can use the genre to their advantage as they can base stories on the boundaries genre presents. The most vital part of the genre is, it satisfies our human desires for old-fashioned storytelling. Oftentimes, we want stories we can rely on that we make us scale through the difficult realities of life.

Do you want to consider the genre of book that generates money the most? I haven’t even considered it before. We shift our focus to the books that do well, but we never really consider the particular genre that is generating the most money. Let’s check it out;

Top 10 most selling Fiction Genres


This genre centers on breeding romantic relationship. It’s usually between two people and for the most part of the movie, the writer sets the two lovers apart. But in the end, the two lovers end up together. Using the number of novels written by writers like Danielle Steele, it’s safe to conclude that romance is on the top spot. It has many subgenres which include Gothic, fantasy, paranormal, historical and contemporary and is known to be the highest selling novel type. Novels in this series have retained the top spot because they are known to command a high market value. Readers don’t find a good one unentertaining!

Mystery OR Crime

These stories are also referred to as ‘whodunits’. The story centers on answering a question, solving a puzzle or a crime and revealing identity. The story is characterized by clues, which point to the answer to the mystery. The story is packed filled with suspense so much that it’s enough to keep you locked. The story features letdowns, buildup, and surprises. Though mystery and crime stores are so fascinating and wild, they are also acceptable. In top 10 most selling fiction genres, This genre also has many subcategories.

Action Adventure

This is one of the most famous genre in top 10 most selling fiction genres.

The action-adventure genre is a classic of the genre that puts the main character in physical danger. The genre is characterized by daring and courageous feats. The genre is tension-filled, it’s the type that puts the reader on edge and offers some relief.

Science Fiction

This genre mixes stories set in the past, future and other dimensions. Science fiction expresses new technological concepts and scientific ideas. Writers who prefer this genre must be prepared to set aside time to build new worlds. Witches, dragons, robots, and elves are peculiar to this genre. You’ll be surprised that people can achieve a lot through magic and extraordinary circumstances of this genre.


Most times, the stories in this category are centered on a character in danger. The genre usually involves chase and escape. In the story, the main characters have to fight against or escape from dark characters. The threats to the main character can be psychological or physical.

Ghost /Horror/Paranormal/

The stories in this category can be scary and they involve chase and escape. The main character in the story has to overcome demonic beings and supernatural forces or beings. Occult, a subcategory of this genre uses satanic characters. A notable mention is Frankenstein and Dracula.


Unlike science fiction that deals with universes, this genre deals with kingdoms. The writers of this genre create time for kingdom building. The fantasy genre is characterized by magic based ideas and concepts.


The stories in this genre show notable historical figures as fictional characters. These stories are set against factual historical backdrops. Historical romance is a subcategory which centers on a conflicted love triangle in a factual historical setting.

Speculative Fiction

The stories in this category are set in worlds different from our real world. The speculative fiction genre incorporates one or some of the following: fantasy fiction, science fiction, superhero fiction, horror fiction, dystopian fiction, utopian fiction, supernatural fiction, alternate history, post-apocalyptic and apocalyptic fiction.

Other genres include;

Young Adult

These books are written and published solely for young adults and adolescents. According to the Young Adult Libra Services Association, a young adult is a someone between age 12 and 18. Though this story is intended for young adults, some adults ones read too. The stories often times incorporate science fiction genre and fantasy but generally, the stories are intended for young adults. Young adult stories feature some characters facing challenges and changes. The success and popularity of novels like Twilight, The fault in our stars and The hunger games has made the genre more popular.

New Adult

The stories in this category feature college plot lines and characters. It’s the next age category after young adults book. The stories show the uncertainties and challenges teenagers face when they leave home to live on their own for the first time. Some new adult books feature sex and set the boundary between erotica and romance.


Procedurals are stories that feature a detective or police officer solving a crime. Much emphasis is placed on the forensic or technological aspects of police work, legal aspects of fighting crime, collecting and sorting evidence.

These were the top 10 most selling fiction genres.