Novel Writing Process Step By Step

Novel.Writing.Process.Step.By.StepTo know about novel writing process, people need to do numerous research work and studies to put their mind on the right path on how they can deliver a quality product to the readers and make them feel entertained all the time.

The methods you adapt to create this product, for the most part, will determine how successful the product will be.

In this case, creating a sound manuscript entails that you follow some basic steps. The sad part is that a lot of writers always ignore these steps before writing, thus, resulting in ‘bad marketing’ of their novel.

Read these steps through to the end so that you can understand the flow of novel writing process from start to finish.

Read Before writing

Before sitting down to write or before making the decision to, you’re strongly advised to read the works of other writers. Make sure to get an idea of everything, bad, good, classics, trash,etc. to see how it’s been done. In this case, you’re going to act like an apprentice studying your master. With time, you’ll absorb all essentials needed. After that, you can move on to write and check out your results. Do not forget that if you are not willing to invest time to read, it might be very difficult for you to find time to write.

The tools you need to write a perfect fiction fantasy novel will be discovered after you might have sat down to read from other writers. Read to know the technique that has been used, read to get the idea of the content, read to understand the style.

You do not have to get lost while reading a good story, read until you’re able to get the things you need out if it. Pay close attention to how the book has been structured and organized. When presenting it in your words, let it come from your imagination, your own heart, and mind.

The most important thing isn’t how you read, but what is read. Stay updated with what’s in vogue.

Know about the market before writing for it

Agents and editors strongly advise that you get an idea of the market’s situation before opting to write for it. If you do not plan to create a commercial product, the market would have nothing to sell.

It’s important that you get familiar with the formulas followed by each genre books. Your main duty is to get to know and create something that both fit the market and reader’s guidelines. Know more about the genre clichés.

determine to be creative (write for yourself)

Don’t get confused with what you’ve just read! it does not contradict what you’re about to read in any way. Both of these elements can blend and co-exist; that is, writing for yourself and writing what the market wants to sell. It’s not your duty to shy away because you feel your genre might be too difficult to understand or break into. Even though Stephen King amongst others has sewn up the market for years, it’s not an option to not try a new fresh voice in the horror world. The same applies to every other genre you’re planning for.

One mistake you shouldn’t make is to believe that there’s a particular genre that can only be used to break in; romance for instance. Every genre you can think of requires a great level of skills incorporated. In fact, nothing has been tagged as easiest to write. If you do not love or know about the genre you’ve chosen to write about, it’ll definitely reflect and you might not make the best out of it.

Your genre should be chosen based on what you love and have great depth of idea for. It would be absolutely wrong to choose any genre because you feel it’s trending. What you can do is to combine what you like you to write or read with the latest trends and what is currently on the market.

Learn the important steps in writing (learn and know how to write)

You might be considering this Step to be an obvious one and it might make you wonder why I have decided to include it. Here’s the truth; a lot of writers do not always give this important step enough consideration. All your life, you might have been preparing and feel over ready to start starting, considering the fact that you have read other people’s write-ups. Yes, reading other people’s stories really help, but it’s not a license to get your story to the standard your readers want.

Just as an aspiring physician isn’t allowed to operate on a body the first day of resumption; learning the important steps in writing does not just happen in a day; it’s an on-going process that requires the consideration of other elements as well.

ensure that your product is well polished

There’s no reason for you to be in haste! It’s okay to be excited about publishing your first, second or third book. Irrespective, have you asked yourself- “is my book ready to go out there to meet the standards that have been set by other top-rated books?” Reading this article right now automatically makes you one of the select few that’ll actually sit down to creatively write their story because you’re expected to channel everything you’re going to learn to this new story at hand. There’s no reason for you to rush! Do not be in haste to send stories with typographical and grammatical errors, nor with plotting mistakes, inconsistent characters or problems regarding an actual point-of-view.

Putting down every idea that comes to your head makes you a writer, but an author? You’ll have to be able to judge how much your story is worth without pity and keep destroying and rebuilding until perfection streams forth.

Go over your story again and again and again! Rewrite your materials until it gets better and keep working on it until it conforms to the standard of the larger market.