Genres of Writing


Story Writing Prompts

Anatomy of a Killer Story Writing Prompts Story Writing Prompts is a momentous task. Words can change the world. They provide ...
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Character Design

Best Tips For Character Design Character design in writing is the most difficult and artistic task. Without well-crafted character design no ...
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Story Elements

The Five Main Story Elements Each and every existing story on this earth has elements, Which are commonly known as ...
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Famous Dialogues From Hollywood Movies

Top 50 All Time Famous Dialogues From Hollywood Movies Writing a script may come as a hard task, but what ...
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How to write a short story

How to write a short story step by step There are a lot of reasons why it is of great ...
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How To Write a Scene

The Four Techniques to Write a Scene If you are wondering and don't know about how to write a scene , first ...
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Novel Writing Process

Novel Writing Process Step By Step To know about novel writing process, people need to do numerous research work and studies ...
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Script Writing Basics

Learn Script Writing Basics Step By Step Do you know that the first few pages of your screenplay are most ...
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How To Write Best Dialogues

How to write best dialogues in a story As a writer, it's imperative that you learn and understand how to ...
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fiction genre

Top 10 Most Selling Fiction Genres

Top 10 Most Selling Fiction Genres Types As we are talking about Top 10 Most Selling Fiction Genres, We need ...
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How To Write Climax

How To Write Climax In a Story Conflict and climax are two major parts of every single story. They help ...
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How To Write Tragedy

How to Write a Tragedy Story If you do not know how to write tragedy then this article is for ...
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Drama Genre Elements

The Best Dramatic Story Genre Elements In drama genre there are many things called drama genre elements, that will make it ...
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Fairy Tale Writing

Fairy Tale Writing Tips Fairy Tale Writing is a tradition. Fairy tales are among the oldest stories to be told that ...
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Comedy Writing

How to Write Comedy When we talk about comedy writing, A comedy is a truly wonderful genre to write in ...
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Fantasy Writing

Fantasy Writing Tips Fantasy Writing is one of the most magical genres to write in. It features unicorns and dragons, ...
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Write Action and Adventure

How to Write Action and Adventure To write action and adventure is beneficial because Action and adventure are some of ...
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How to Write a Mystery Story

How to Write a Mystery Story Step By Step Mystery! We’ve all wondered how to write a mystery story. Mystery ...
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How to Write Science Fiction

How to Write Science Fiction Story Science fiction, A magical and unique genre that has no limits. You can do ...
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suspense and thriller

How to Write a Suspense Thriller

How to Write a Suspense Thriller Writing a suspense thriller is different than writing horror or any other genre. For ...
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Story Pieces Joining

How to Join Pieces of a Story A story is a wonderful thing. It creates an adventure for us to ...
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How to Develop Characters

How to Develop Characters for a Story Characters are the basis for a story. Sure, there’s the world they’re in, ...
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How to Write Horror

How to Write Horror Story What makes horror real horror? How can you write a story that is sure to ...
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How to Write Romance

How to Write Romance Step By Step How often do you like to sit down and read a mushy romance ...
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Short Story VS Novel Writing

Short Story VS Novel Writing: What is the Real Difference? Writing is something that brings joy, happiness, and laughter. It ...
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plot of the story

Story Plot

Best Techniques To Make A Story Plot You are a talented writer, but you just can’t find that right idea ...
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